Privacy Policy

Customer Radar Limited (NZBN: 9429030481169) is committed to protecting your privacy. We are based at 22 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand and if you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us – Click here

Personal Information

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information.  Under privacy legislation, “personal information” essentially means information or an opinion about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.  Common examples include a person’s name, email address and telephone number.

Collection of Information

Customer Radar collects information, including personal information, in the following ways:

  • Via our websites when a visitor browses content (“website information”).  We use cookies and other web tracking functionality to collect analytics information such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, details of how visitors arrive at our website (e.g. by clicking on a link), the type of browser and operating system being used, what sort of device the visitor is using, time spent on each part of our websites, and other similar information.  This helps us to enhance the functionality of our websites and to promote our services to current and potential customers.
  • Via our websites or via SMS from a mobile device when one of our customers’ customers (an “end customer”) provides feedback about one of our customers, its personnel or its goods or services.  That feedback may include personal information about our customer, our customer’s personnel, and about the end customer themselves, provided to register for a prize competition offered by a customer, in a service complaint or compliment, or in resolving any complaint. Personal information collected from the end customer, with their knowledge, may include their name, email address, physical address, mobile number and details provided about their interaction with our customer and its personnel.
  • Via our websites when our customers’ personnel register with us and then log in and use the Customer Radar platform.  Information collected includes our customers’ registered personnel’s email addresses and their responses to feedback provided by end customers.  Those responses may include personal information about our customer, our customer’s personnel and about the end customer (e.g. details of service complaints or compliments and resolution of complaints).

These last two categories of information (“customer information”) are collected by us for four purposes:

  • to enable each of our customers to assess its and its personnel’s performance in delivering goods and/or services to end customers and to respond to end customer feedback;
  • to enable each of our customers to improve its goods and/or services generally;
  • to enable each of our customers to offer further goods and/or services and prizes to end customers who provide feedback;
  • so that we can aggregate customer information to show purchasing and performance statistics and trends, which enable our customers to enhance their services and benchmark themselves against similar businesses and enable us to provide anonymised statistical data to third parties.

We also collect personal information about:

  • Individuals who apply for work at Customer Radar, so that we can determine whether to engage them.  This information may include the individual’s name and contact details, academic results and qualifications, expertise and experience, personal interests, current salary and salary expectations.  We generally collect this information directly from the individual, from their nominated referees or from the public domain.
  • Individuals who supply goods or services to Customer Radar, or are employed or engaged by one of our suppliers, to assist in managing our relationship with the supplier.  This information may include the individual’s name and contact details and their position.  We generally collect this information directly from the individual or the supplier that employs or engages the individual.

Any individual has the right to request access to or correction of any personal information we hold about them.  To do so, please contact us  – Click here

Any individual can make a privacy complaint to Customer Radar.  To do so, please contact us  – Click here  We will attempt to respond within a reasonable time, usually 30 days.  Customer Radar will treat any privacy complaint seriously and any complaint will be assessed by us with the aim of resolving any issue in a timely and efficient manner.

Use of Personal Information

We retain website information indefinitely on our systems in New Zealand. It is not provided to anyone else.

Customer information is dealt with as follows:

  • It is retained by us on our systems in New Zealand and in databases and applications controlled by us that are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Australia.  All data is backed up regularly and may be mirrored to AWS servers in other jurisdictions.
  • It is retained for so long as the particular customer requires it for any particular campaign.  Time periods range from months to many years.
  • In respect of any feedback provided by an end customer and any responses to that feedback provided by our customer’s personnel, that customer information is accessible by that customer and its authorised personnel who log in to our platform and by our staff and IT contractors.  Each customer’s use of customer information is governed by that customer’s privacy policy, which each end customer accepts when they provide feedback.

We do not provide customer information which is personal information to anyone else other than as expressly referred to below (see Disclosure and Direct Marketing), but we may from time to time aggregate and anonymise customer information to use ourselves or provide to third parties, for research, data analysis, statistical or other purposes.

In addition to the specific uses described in this Privacy Policy, we may also use personal information for any other purpose required or permitted by law.


Where a customer terminates its relationship with Customer Radar, if requested by that customer, we will provide all customer information relating to that customer, its personnel, and its end customers, to that customer, in a standard data format.  Some of these customers are likely to be located in Australia, New Zealand and United States.  As soon as practicable after that, we will delete that customer information from our systems. Other than as stated in this policy, we will only disclose personal information where we are required by a warrant, production order, subpoena or similar court order in any jurisdiction to do so or in other circumstances where we are required or permitted by law to disclose it.

If we collect personal information outside New Zealand, it may be disclosed to Customer Radar in New Zealand.  

Direct Marketing

We may also use and disclose personal information for the purpose of direct marketing to individuals where:

  • the individual has consented to us doing so; or
  • it is otherwise permitted by law.

Direct marketing involves communicating directly with an individual for the purpose of promoting goods or services to them and to provide them with special offers from Customer Radar. Direct marketing can be delivered by a range of methods including, for example, mail, telephone, email or SMS. An individual can unsubscribe from our direct marketing, or change their contact preferences, by contacting us – Click here


Where applicable, Customer Radar will rely on the “employee records exemption” in the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and any other applicable exemptions in relevant legislation.  The employee records exemption means that in many cases, Customer Radar is not bound by the requirements of the Australian privacy legislation in relation to personal information it holds about its current or former employees (relating to their employment).


We may update this privacy policy from time to time and the new policy will apply to all information held by us at the time or collected after it is published on our website.

This policy was last updated on 27-03-2018.